Pop Up Retail FAQ

New to the pop-up world of retail? Check out our commonly asked questions about leasing a pop-up shop.

Q: What is a pop-up store?

A pop-up store, also known as a temporary retail or flash store, is a store that businesses can create for a shorter period of time. Rather than signing up for a long-term lease or committing to a permanent property, a pop-up store allows you to do business in a physical location without the long-term commitment. Westfield Mall Retail offers several formats to serve your brand, including automated retail, carts, temporary kiosks, temporary inline stores, and various pop-up formats. Pop-up leasing allows your business to test a market, expand a customer-base, or generate excitement around your brand.

Q: Who can start a pop-up store?

Anyone! Pop-up stores are used by all sorts of people and brands, large and small. From well-known e-commerce companies, local entrepreneurs, luxury brands, or food and beverage retailers, pop-ups allow basically any level and type of business the opportunity to showcase and sell their products. Westfield offers so many different leasing formats at a select amount a time to fit practically any budget.

Q: What types of spaces are available?

There are a ton of different options when it comes to pop-up stores. You can set up a cart or temporary kiosk, create an immersive pop-up experience in a walkway, or expand into an existing storefront if you need more space. The type of space you ultimately choose depends on what’s available within your area and what works best for your specific goals. However, with so many options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and budget while creatively showcasing your brand.

Q: What are some pop-up store concepts?

Whether your business wants to Pop Up, Pop In, or Pop Around, there are no limits when it comes to pop up spaces.  Whether you’re selling artisan chocolates from a temporary kiosk, featuring locally handmade goods in a 360-degree pop-up, or taking your e-commerce inventory to the real world of a temporary storefront, we can create a pop-up retail strategy in the right venue for your business goals.

Q: How long is a pop-up lease?

Pop-up store leases vary in length, but on average they last for around 0 to 3 months. Of course, the ability to run your longer is possible, or you can run your pop-up store for as little as a day. The choice is yours. Many brands find success in short-term retail spaces and decide to lease a longer, more permanent storefront.

Q: How to open a pop-up store?

To open your pop-up store, contact us today. We’d be happy to go over all your options and discuss the creation process. You can also learn more on our Getting Started page, which explains the ins and outs of setting up your pop-up shop. Westfield Mall Retail is committed to helping you run a successful pop-up shop, and we’ll do everything we can to support you.


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