Getting Started: Leasing a Pop-Up with Westfield

In the fast-paced world of retail, offline and online brands are constantly competing for customers’ attention. Whether you’re an online store launching your products into the real world for the first time, or an established brand looking to make a statement, Westfield can help you with setting up your temporary retail space from start to finish.

Reasons to Open a Pop-Up Shop

One obvious reason to open a pop-up is to generate sales, but there are so many other benefits as well! Temporary retail is an innovative strategy for virtually anyone. Here are the main reasons to open a pop-up shop with Westfield.

Brand Visibility

Growing startups or major brands can use pop-ups to stage events or create interactive experiences. From launching a new campaign or promoting an exclusive collection, pop-ups generate buzz and excitement within a short time span. A temporary retail space also exposes your company to new audiences by crafting memorable experiences to drive online sharing and social media engagement.

Test Markets, Products or Concepts

Pop-ups allow any brand to test new audiences, products, or concepts. You can also test out pricing structures and receive immediate feedback and adjust. Whether a restaurant wants to see how a mobile menu performs, or if a retailer is unsure of sales within a specific region, the insights afforded from temporary retail allow your company to make more informed decisions.

Lease Flexibility

With many different leasing options and locations, brands can lease space for a few days, months or even years without the long-term commitment and expense of a lease. Online retailers can test a physical location and see if there is an immediate demand for expansion into physical retail.

Engage Customers

Pop-ups offer a retail landscape, unlike traditional stores. Companies can stage events, brand stores around a specific campaign or create an immersive experience beyond the typical retail shop. However, engaging with customers can also mean something as basic as online retailers getting the chance to interact with customers in-person.


Opening a Pop-Up in 5 Easy Steps

1.      Define Your Goals

As a company, think deeply about your goals for your temporary retail space. Is it to build a limited-time presence to generate excitement and buzz, or are you trying to expose your brand to new demographics? Westfield helps you evaluate your business goals and develop a fully executed plan for success.

2.      Choose a Pop-Up Format and Location

If you’re hoping to capitalize off the holiday-shopping season, or unsure how many products to display – we can help. Westfield’s leasing specialists work directly with your company to select the ideal format at the right time within your budget. We take all platforms seriously – even branding your temporary kiosk and finding the appropriate foot traffic for your audience.

3.      Design the Experience

After an in-depth review of your customer profile and pop-up format, Westfield helps your design dreams come to life. Pop-ups should embody your brand and entice your targeted customer. Whether that’s vibrant colors, a minimalistic aesthetic or a truly immersive and memorable event, we can help you accomplish new frontiers in customer experiences.

4.      Market Your Pop-Up Space

With Westfield, we’re positioning your pop-up in front of millions of shoppers, but you can also surge marketing-efforts by informing your existing customer-base and harnessing social media and other news resources to get the word out.

5.      Collect Sales and Customer Data

During your lease-period, gathering customer insights and sales data helps you better understand your business and figure out what’s working right. From looking at sales by dates or demographics and products, a temporary retail space gives you data-insights to make better business decisions.


Partner With Westfield Mall Retail

Do you have a vision for your business in short-term retail space? Contact Westfield leasing to learn how we can set up a pop-up shop for your brand.


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