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Pop Up with Westfield

So, You Want To Pop Up?

Pop Up, Trunk Show, or Flash Retail- short-term retail may go by various names but the objective is one in the same. This temporary retail concept is transforming the traditional rules of retail and redefining how shoppers interact with brands.

Whether you’re an established brick-and-mortar, brand new to the retail world, or you’ve mastered the digital realm with an e-commerce site, a pop-up shop can grow your business and improve your brand in ways not previously achievable through traditional retail.

Whichever retail format you’re currently invested in, you can now target a new market, grow your shopper base, and strengthen your customer loyalty all through opening a pop up.

With Westfield POP your business has access to Westfield’s over 335 million shoppers in annual traffic, in some of the world’s top markets including- San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Whether your objective is to launch in a new market, educate a growing customer base or add an additional revenue stream, pop-up leasing with Westfield POP is short-term retail for brands with long-term goals.


Pop Up with Westfield

Pop Up

Our format with the smallest square footage, Pop Up with Westfield POP is temporary retail for the common area.

With 360-degree visibility of your product or service and built-in foot traffic, Pop Up is for retailers looking to activate over a period of 30 days or less.

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Pop Up with Westfield

Pop In

Need more floor space? Maybe you need some additional storage for all that merchandise? Pop In with Westfield POP is our largest scale format that provides retailers with an inline space in one of our 32 centers.

A blank canvas to make your own, Pop In with Westfield POP is ideal for retailers with a depth of product and a large amount of merchandise to display. With flexible lease terms of up to 12 months, Pop In is your temporary brick-and-mortar.

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Pop Up with Westfield

Pop Around

Is one location just not enough? With Pop Around with Westfield POP your business can now have a presence in more than one Westfield center- providing you greater access to our millions of shoppers.

A nomadic storefront that pop ups over a period of a month or less, Pop Around is ideal for retailers looking to test new markets and expand their customer reach.

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Pop Up with Westfield

All About Pop

To say we’re passionate about retail would be an understatement. The Westfield POP team eats, sleeps and breathes everything retail. Staying on top of trends and constantly making new retail discoveries, the Westfield POP team is transforming the face of retail and taking pride in what we do- every step of the way.

With our 3 retail formats- Pop Up, Pop In and Pop Around- artisans, new-to-market retailers, and brands that never before considered Westfield as a fit for their business, now have a partner in the shopper center industry.

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