Leasing Format: Temporary Kiosk, Cart

Studio Manhattan


How would you describe Studio Manhattan?

Studio Manhattan is an Art + Design company, that produces artwork and accessories that depict original photography, graphic design, and typography created by local artists. Our goal is to transform lifestyle accessories into entertaining art pieces in order to give customers a platform to express themselves.

Who is Studio Manhattan’s customer?

In short, everyone; our accessories and artwork appeal to everyone of all age groups and backgrounds. We stand out in particular to the traveler who recognizes the originality of our products.

You also have online retail. Why is having a physical space, such as your location at Westfield San Francisco Centre, important to your business?

Westfield San Francisco Centre is centrally located and a must-do destination for those traveling to San Francisco, this combo means great exposure and foot traffic. Our website is simply there for people who regretted not buying more at the kiosk!

How do you see your business growing in the next 2-5 years? How has Westfield been an integral part of this business plan?

Studio Manhattan will continue to expand its retail locations in the next 2-5 years throughout the US and the world. Westfield operates many great properties in thriving metropolitan areas, which is our focus. We hope to expand our portfolio with Westfield, and are already working towards that.

Tell me a bit about your design process. How did you echo this design in the layout of your kiosk?

Our brand is urban with an industrial vintage design, so it was very important to portray that in our kiosk design. We accomplished that by using materials we use in our other retail locations, such as reclaimed wood and rusted metal, in order to make sure our brand is cohesive.


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