Make It Festive: 3 Ways to Attract Customers With Christmas Feels

Making your pop-up more festive with Christmas feels

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year. Everyone seems cheery and ready to shop. For business owners, you’ll want to get in on the good cheer by using those warm and fuzzy Christmas feels when designing and running your store. 

This is especially true for anyone operating a pop-up shop rental, as your store might only exist during the holidays. With that in mind, here is how you can make your pop-up shop rental more festive and attract customers with Christmas feels. 

1.      Build Up the Opening

For many, Christmas isn’t just one day a year. It’s an entire season spent celebrating this special time of year. There is a ton of anticipation, which makes Christmas even more exciting. Your pop-up shop can do something similar by building up excitement. 

For example, if your pop-up shop will open on Black Friday, promote your store online and in-person in the weeks leading up to your grand opening. Start a countdown and get shoppers ready to experience the cheer your pop-up shop will offer. This anticipation can drive sales those first few days. 

2.      Make It Cheerful

Another way to make your pop-up more festive is to decorate and design your pop-up shop rental in a way that fits into the Christmas spirit. Use festive colors and marketing messages that take on a positive and happy attitude. Music, smells, gift wrap, nostalgia – all of these can be used to your advantage. People are more likely to stop at your pop-up shop if they feel that sense of holiday spirit. Change your marketing from buying something for yourself toward buying something for others. 

3.      Set a Deadline

The third way to adapt your pop-up shop rental for Christmas is by setting a deadline. Part of what makes Christmas exciting is that it only comes once a year. After it’s gone, we have to wait an entire year for it to come back again, making us appreciate it more. 

You can apply this principle to your pop-up shop rental by reminding people you’re only around for a limited time. Let shoppers know once the holidays are over, your store will cease to exist – meaning if people want great deals on your products, they better act now. 

Elevate Your Pop-Up Shop Rental for Christmas

Christmastime is unlike any other time of year. As such, your pop-up shop rental should reflect shoppers’ desires for warmth, coziness, and reciprocity.

With a few small tweaks to your shop design and marketing messages, you can make the most of the Christmas season. To learn more about renting a pop-up shop this holiday season, contact Westfield leasing today.

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