2019 Consumer Holiday Shopping Trends

Consumer shopping trends for the 2019 holidays

Is your business gearing up for the holiday season? If so, it’s a good idea to start looking at some of the shopping trends happening this year.

Doing so will allow you to make better decisions for your e-commerce store or pop-up shop rental. Here are some key trends you need to know:

Early vs. Late Shoppers

First, there are essentially two kinds of shoppers: those who like to get their shopping done early, and those who put it off last minute.  

According to one study, almost half of all shoppers plan to do some shopping before the November holidays hit. 

The other half said they would shop during both November and December – meaning you should target both audiences, rather than just focus on one. 

By developing two different marketing strategies, one for early shoppers and another for late, you can maximize sales potential. For instance, you can open up your pop-up rental a few weeks early, but later market your products as great last-minute gifts. 

Online vs. In-Store

Another common trend is shopping online versus shopping in person. Over the past few years, shopping online has become increasingly popular. That said, even if you’re an e-commerce brand, you can still get some benefits from an in-store presence. That’s because 61% of people said they plan on doing some shopping both online and in-person. 

With a pop-up shop rental, you can not only sell your products through your e-commerce site but also at busy locations, like malls. You can then interact with your customers and gain valuable insight while making additional sales. 

Shopping with Values

Finally, a lot of customers are now considering their values when deciding where to spend their money. For example, some consumers want to shop at a business that uses sustainable business practices. 

Another trend is wanting to shop at smaller, local businesses rather than online at major retailers. To take advantage, promote your values and let customers know what these values are. 

Using Trends to Help Your Pop-Up Shop Rental

By knowing the current trends of consumers, and in particular, your target customers, you can better prepare for the holiday shopping season. 

Understanding when and where customers want to shop, as well as what values they expect from retailers, will help you stay on trend for retail this holiday season. To learn how to book a pop-up shop rental, contact Westfield leasing today.

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