4 Types of Holiday Shoppers You Need to Reach

The four types of holidays hoppers you need to reach this year

The holiday season is an essential time for all businesses but especially pop-up shop rentals. A common mistake is only targeting your marketing messages after one type of customer when there are actually four types of holiday shoppers.

1.      Early Shoppers

Early shoppers are the people who do their shopping well before the holiday season even begins. If you wait to start marketing until Black Friday or even closer to Christmas, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. A great way to target these shoppers is by talking about the benefits of getting your shopping done early. You’ll also want to set up your pop-up shop rental before the holiday season arrives if you can. 

2.      Black Friday Shoppers

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Many people like to spend the day going from store to store, or shopping online, in hopes of getting the best deals. They will save most of their shopping for this day and get it all done at once. To target these people, you should have some one-day sales. Save your biggest discounts for Black Friday, then get the word out through your marketing messages. Don’t forget to have plenty of items in stock on Black Friday as well.

3.      Continuous Shoppers

Continuous shoppers are the people who buy as the holiday season progresses at a steady pace. Maybe they’ll pick something up before the holiday season starts, on Black Friday, and then a few more things as the weeks go by. There’s no telling when this person might become a customer of yours, so you’ll want to do everything you can to stay in their thoughts. 

To do this, you’ll want to work harder at forming a connection. This means either getting email addresses or having customers follow you on social media. If you can accomplish one of these two small tasks, you can then send out regular emails to promote your brand and gain attention through regular social media posts. That way, when they do decide to purchase, you will be one of their first thoughts. 

4.      Late Shoppers

Finally, there are late shoppers. These are the people who either pick up something last minute right before Christmas or even do their shopping after Christmas. There’s plenty of late shoppers out there, so you don’t want to ignore them. 

Be sure you’re sending out marketing messages right up until the last possible moment. Have some after-Christmas clearance sales to get rid of your remaining inventory. Tailor your marketing messages to talk about how your products make great last-minute gifts. These simple strategies will go a long way toward bringing in those last-minute shoppers’ desperate attempts to find something quick. 

Target All Kinds of Shoppers

There’s no telling which type of shopper is the most popular. However, there is a sizeable amount of each, so your pop-up store should target every kind. 

Doing so will allow you to attract customers from before the holiday season until after it ends. To learn more about our pop-up rentals, reach out to Westfield leasing for more information!

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