How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Business for Every Holiday Shopping Day

How to prepare for every important shopping day this holiday season.

The busiest shopping days of the year are quickly approaching. If your e-commerce business is prepared, it can be extremely profitable. 

This year, there is one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, leaving retailers less time to rake in profits and shoppers less time to shop.

Here are the most important holiday shopping days in 2019:

2019 Retail Holiday Calendar

Thanksgiving Day: November 28th

In recent years, retailers have started opening doors on Thanksgiving night to get a head-start on holiday sales. For online companies, this is a great time to reach eager consumers looking for the best deal. Start advertising sales and discounts the week of Thanksgiving and consider promoting your deepest discount for Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday: November 29th

The big one. The official start of the holiday shopping season. Many shoppers plan their entire Christmas purchases just around this one day, and a lot of shoppers are buying more expensive or big-ticket items on Black Friday. 

Small Business Saturday: November 30th

For local businesses or smaller online retailers, Small Business Saturday is a great time to connect with consumers on a more personal and less commercial level. Tell your story on your website or via email newsletters to appeal to customers emotionally.

Cyber Monday: December 2nd

Another major shopping day, online retailers often promote even bigger discounts than Black Friday, especially as consumers have grown weary of crowds. 

Green Monday: December 9th

Green Monday is here for those shoppers who are starting to panic or worry about not having enough time to purchase Christmas gifts. As a retailer, strengthen marketing efforts to attract consumers and build off that last-minute frenzy.

Free Shipping Day: December 14th

After the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, it’s time to draw in customers with the last opportunity to buy something online and get it shipped in time for Christmas. 

The holiday season is a lucrative one for online businesses. But to make the most of it, you need to start preparing early. So, what can you do to turn each one of these days into a success?

Advertise Each Unique Shopping Day

To market each distinct day, you should consider developing separate marketing messages. For example, promote your Black Friday sales as Christmas gifts, and maybe Cyber Monday as items people might buy for themselves. 

Start thinking about how you can modify your marketing emails, online advertisements, and social media posts well before each holiday.

Get Your Website Ready

Your e-commerce website is essentially just a store, but online. Just like how retail stores are all packed around the holidays, if you’re lucky, your website will also see a huge increase in traffic. 

Make sure all pages and checkouts are working correctly. Consider upgrading to a faster web server to handle more traffic. You don’t want to miss a sale because your website took too long to load or because your shopping cart software suffered a glitch. 

Get Your Backend Organized

You likely have a lot of packaging and shipping to do this time of year, so make sure you get a system in place to efficiently send out all your orders. Also, make sure to have an organized tracking system in place, so you know the status of every order. 

Stock Up

Make sure you have plenty of products in stock. If this is your first holiday season with your e-commerce store, it will be a little hard to gauge how much you need. For a rough estimate, consider your standard conversion numbers, along with the increase in web traffic you are expecting. If you’ve gone through this season previously, use those numbers to guide you. 

Get a Pop-up Shop Rental with Westfield

A great way to heighten the sales of your e-commerce business and get noticed this holiday season is with a pop-up shop rental. These temporary retail locations allow you to set up shop in a busy area and sell your products in person. 

Interact with your customers and promote your brand while making plenty of sales. Setting up a pop-up shop rental takes time, but Westfield leasing makes it much easier. To learn more about how you can set up a pop-up shop this holiday season, contact us today. 

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