Staging Pop-Up Events and Collaborations the Right Way

Staging pop-up events and collaborations the right way

Collaborating with other brands is an excellent way to boost your business, especially when you turn your collaboration into a pop-up event.

Events and collaborations give your company lots of exposure and ultimately boost sales. Earlier this year, Westfield helped Nike and Finish Line Women launch an interactive and art-filled, 10-day pop-up event, helping both brands make a statement.

If you want to stage a pop-up event or collaboration with another brand, here’s what you need to do:

Find the Right Location

The first thing you need to consider is location. Your pop-up needs plenty of foot traffic from your target demographic. While there are many places to rent a pop-up, a mall pop-up actually provides diverse options.

Leasing space in an existing storefront, within mall-walkways, or in an outdoor mall location instantly attracts people who are already shopping. Westfield’s leasing team can also help research and pin-down the right location and pop-up format for your event.

Make It Stand Out

Once you set a location, you need to find a way to make your pop-up shop stand out. The entire point of running a pop-up event is to attract consumers, so you need to make people stop.

So, how do you stand out?

  • Use bold colors, flashing lights, and signs. For Nike, this included a giant shoe made out of flowers.
  • Play music that can be heard from outside your pop-up shop.
  • Have employees genuinely interact with shoppers.
  • Create something interactive.

Get the Word Out

Of course, you shouldn’t rely totally on foot traffic. A successful pop-up event will spend just as much time promoting their store as they do setting it up.

You should have marketing strategies in place to promote yourself around town and online. One way is to start through social media. Create accounts on all the major platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – and start getting the word out about your store. Doing this before you launch already starts generating some buzz, anticipation, and FOMO.

When marketing your pop-up store, pitch it as a limited event. People are naturally drawn to events that are only around for a short time. This helps give your pop-up event a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Find Collaborations

Finally, one of the best ways to generate even more excitement around your pop-up shop is to collaborate with another brand. Combining resources and staging these cross-over pop-events is becoming more and more popular in the retail space.

Think about your target niche and the other brands they might also like, then reach out to these brands’ marketing departments to see if they want to work together.

Let Westfield Stage Your Pop-Up Event

If you’re interested in staging a pop-up event or collaboration, there’s no better time than now.

For questions regarding staging your own pop-up event, contact Westfield leasing for more information.

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