Green Business Practices: How to Make Your Pop-Up Shop More Sustainable

How to incorporate green business practices

More and more consumers are seeking out and choosing to purchase from eco-conscious and ethical businesses. If you want to attract even more customers while helping the planet, here are a few practices you can start implementing.

Below are some ways you can make your pop-up shop more sustainable and do your part for the planet.

Consider Your Supplies

First, you should think about the supplies you’re using to create your products. Are these materials themselves sustainable? Find ways to incorporate recycled materials and decrease waste during production and manufacturing.

The supplies used for your business – from products to shipping materials, to the construction of your pop-up store – play a vital role in the sustainability of your business. Take some time to research the materials and products you’re using, then look for eco-friendlier alternatives. Don’t forget to advertise your sustainability practices to customers.

Recycle What You Can

Another change involves considering what materials you can recycle. If there are materials you use every day, find a way to recycle rather than throw out these products. There are plenty of things you can recycle, from paper to plastic to even food scraps. Look at what your business throws away the most, then see if there’s a system you can put into place that would recycle those materials instead.

Many companies now give customers the incentive to reuse their products, offering discounts for soap and perfume refills, as well as letting customers donate denim to get a percentage-off their new pair of jeans. Not only does this help the planet, but it’s also uplifting for consumers to do their part.

Eliminate Waste

Besides recycling, you should also find ways to eliminate waste within your business. For a pop-up shop, this could include migrating your marketing efforts from paper to online.

Rather than sending out mailers, run ads in local Facebook groups, and collect customer email addresses and data. Running ads online not only wastes less paper but provides more targeting options when marketing to customers.

Another simple thing you can do is email receipts to customers rather than print them out. A lot of POS systems give you the option of asking the customer for their email address to receive their receipt. This gives you the added bonus of growing your email list for future email marketing campaigns.

Attract Customers with a Sustainable Pop-up Shop

More and more customers expect brands to be eco-conscious and sustainable.

The most significant thing you can do to make your business more sustainable is to survey your current operation, then find ways to reduce waste, recycle more, and use more sustainable products.

Even little actions in each of these areas make measurable differences. To learn more about running a sustainable pop-up shop with Westfield, contact us today.

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