Top Pop-Up Shop Mistakes to Avoid

How to avoid these top pop-up shop mistakes

Opening your own pop up shop provides a lot of benefits to your business. However, to make the most of these benefits, there are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Below are some of the most common mistakes pop up shop owners make, and how to avoid them. If you can keep these tips in mind during your next pop up shop, you should be able to take full advantage of the many benefits pop up shops provide.

Choosing a Bad Location

A common mistake among pop up shop owners is choosing a bad location. The great thing about pop up shops is that you can set them up practically anywhere, so why would you limit yourself by choosing a bad location? When planning out your pop up store, the location is the most important factor to consider.

Start by thinking about who your target audience is. Then write down some other locations this person is likely to shop at. You don’t want to write down your direct competitors, just other types of stores that your target audience might have an interest in. Once you have this list, you can begin scouting for locations. Take a look at your local mall and see where some of those stores are located. Sometimes simply moving your pop up shop from one side of the mall to another can make a big difference.

Not Marketing Your Store Correctly

Many business owners open pop up shops to take advantage of foot traffic, something that isn’t available online. However, while you can rely on some foot traffic to drive sales, you also have to do some marketing to promote your store. Too many store owners rely solely on people walking by, rather than promoting their store.

Hang up signs near your store, promoting your products and pointing people in the right direction. Use social media to engage with potential customers and let them know about your pop up shop. An email marketing list is a great way to turn past customers into repeat customers as well. Marketing plays a big role in the success of any pop up store, so be sure to give it plenty of thought.

Failing to Capitalize After it Closes

Eventually, your pop up store will close down. However, this doesn’t mean the impact of your store ends. If you manage things correctly, your pop up store can provide long term benefits that extend well beyond the runtime of the store.

For instance, you can use your pop up store to create an email list of past or potential customers, then direct these customers to your online store after your pop-up is closed. You can also gather feedback from your customers in person, then use this to improve or build future products, services or campaigns. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of your pop up store as a fleeting moment only intended to temporarily generate “buzz.”  Use everything you’ve learned to capitalize after it closes.

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