3 Reasons Why Pop Up Shops Work for Just About Anyone

Pop-ups benefit virtually every kind of business

Are you thinking of opening a pop up shop? If so, it’s probably because you’ve heard success stories or noticed their popularity among consumers. Pop up shops are a viable option for many different types of businesses. Unfortunately, these retail formats are not taken advantage of as often as they should be.

But what makes pop up shops so great? What sort of advantages can they provide to your business?

Here’s what boutique retailers, restaurants and even the biggest brands discover about pop-up shops:

Pop Ups Leave an Impression

One of the hardest parts about running a business is leaving an impression on your customers, especially if you operate primarily online. There is so much competition and getting your brand to stick out from the rest is a tall task. With a pop up store, you’re doing more than just providing a product to your customers. Now you’re also providing an experience, and this is much more memorable.

For example, imagine you currently sell custom baked goods online. What do you think is going to leave a bigger impression – a picture of your cookies online, or the free sample you hand out in your pop up shop?

Pop Ups Allow for More Freedom

One of the barriers to opening your own store is the level of commitment. With a storefront, you need to sign a long-term lease, design and stage a large area, and so much more. With a pop up store, you have more freedom to operate where and when you want.

For instance, if you only want your store to exist for the few weeks during the holiday shopping season, you can do that. If you’re a new business on a tight budget, this type of freedom is essential and allows you to test if a physical storefront makes sense for your brand.

Pop Ups Provide Useful Information

Finally, pop up shops provide you with a lot of useful information. If you’re currently selling your goods online, it’s hard to gather feedback from your customers. But with a pop up shop, you can directly ask customers questions, see how they react to prototypes or find out which products garner the most attention.

From your pop up shop, you can also learn things first hand, such as who your most popular demographic is, the best time of year to run your store, and what types of similar products your customers may like to see. You can then use all this sales-data and customer insight to make improvements to your business and help it grow.

Lease a Pop Up Shop Today

It’s hard not to gain some type of benefit from leasing a pop up shop – they simply work. Whether you’re a new business that doesn’t want to commit to a physical location long term, or an online business looking to learn more about your customers, pop up shops have something to offer everyone. To learn more about leasing your own pop up shop, contact Westfield leasing today.

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