The Best Types of Businesses for Mall Kiosks

Check out the best types of businesses for mall kiosk leases.

For some eCommerce businesses, opening a mall kiosk is sales-opportunity. You get to interact with potential customers, spread brand awareness and get out from behind the computer. However, not all businesses are well suited to mall kiosks. Here are some traits of a successful mall kiosk.

Wide Appeal

First, your business needs to exhibit wide appeal. With a very specific niche, opening a mall kiosk may not be the best leasing solution for you. Malls have diverse crowds and you want to appeal to as many consumers possible. That isn’t to say you can’t succeed with a mall kiosk if you have a specific niche – perhaps your kiosk will be located outside a niche-related store – but you’ll have an easier time if your product appeals to the masses.

Fewer Products, but with Variations

Another common trait among successful mall kiosks is that they offer fewer products, but typically with variations. With a mall kiosk, your space is limited, so you can’t display that many products. If you try to do too much, people won’t really know what your kiosk has to offer and will just walk right by. Think of sunglasses booths – you know exactly what you can buy there, and they offer an assortment of a single product. Businesses that limit the number of different types of products they sell will perform better in kiosk format.

Cheaper Products

Next, kiosks are great for businesses that sell cheaper products. Customers who visit kiosks are typically buying on impulse. If your product costs too much, this likely won’t result in impulse purchases. For businesses selling higher-end products, you may want to consider an alternative, like a pop-up or a temporary inline store.

Free Samples and Demonstrations

Finally, successful mall kiosks are the ones who draw in shoppers. Most people see a kiosk and keep walking. But if you have something eye-catching or attention-grabbing, you’ll bring in more sales. What catches attention? Free samples for starters. If you are selling any type of food product, for example, offering a free sample can get people to come over and try it out.

Another way to grab attention is with a demonstration. Show off how your product works and give people an example. Watching someone play with a new toy in the middle of the mall is more eye-catching than a toy just sitting in a box on a shelf. Think about what makes your business unique, then use that advantage as a way to draw people over to you.

Is Your Business a Good Fit for Mall Kiosks?

Does your business possess any of the traits above? If so, you may benefit from a mall kiosk rental. To find out more about mall kiosk leasing, contact Westfield leasing. We’d be happy to talk to you about the process of renting a mall kiosk, and whether your type of business is a good fit for this type of venture.

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