What Do the Biggest Brands and Your Favorite Startup Have in Common? Pop-Up Stores!

What do big brands and startups have in common?

From the outside, it doesn’t seem like the biggest brands in the world and local startups have a lot in common. One has the ability to reach customers all over the world and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year. The other is just struggling to get by and works hard to gain each and every customer. But there is one marketing method that these two types of businesses both like to use, and that’s pop-up stores.

What is a Pop-Up Store?

A pop-up store is a temporary location where a business can sell its products. Rather than purchasing a building or setting up a lease, a business will set up shop at a location for only a few days or weeks. From there they can interact with customers, promote new products and generate sales. The reason pop-up stores have become popular with both large brands and smaller businesses is because they offer something unique to both.

The Benefits of a Pop-Up Store to Big Brands

When you think of a large brand like Amazon, you don’t imagine they need their own physical location. They are able to sell millions of items each day online, why would they need a small store for a few weeks?

Big brands don’t typically use pop-up stores to generate sales – at least not exclusively. Rather, they will use them to create a sort of spectacle, along with a limited-time offer feeling. For instance, if a big brand has a new product they want to launch, they may set up a spectacular pop-up shop in a popular place to promote it. This pop-up will be the only place you can get this product initially and the brand can demonstrate how the product works. By making the product limited to those who show up for only a few weeks, allows the brand to generate buzz around their product.

There is so much advertising going on each day that it’s hard for a big brand to stand out from the crowd. By doing something different, and maybe getting some attention from the news, they can promote their products in a unique way.

How Start-ups Benefit from Pop-Up Stores

While smaller businesses can certainly use pop-up shops to generate buzz and to create a spectacle, there are even more immediate benefits. Pop-up shops allow smaller businesses to:

  • Interact with their customers and gather feedback
  • Educate potential customers about their product
  • Have a physical location at a lower cost and a smaller commitment

When you’re first starting out, funds are often tight, and you don’t have a lot of customers. You need affordable ways to reach out to people, and a pop-up store allows you to do this. You can showcase your product, answer questions, generate leads, and get feedback from customers all in person – something that isn’t always available when you operate online.

Is a Pop-Up Store Right for You?

If you’re a business owner, a pop-up store may be just the thing you need to improve your sales. To find out more about how a pop-up shop can benefit your business, or how you can set one up, please feel free to contact us.

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