Hospitality: Setting Brands Apart in the Retail Revolution


Over the past decade or so, retail businesses have had a tough time. More people are turning to the Internet to do their shopping, choosing it for its convenience and prices. The brands that have been able to keep going strong are the ones who realized that customers are now looking for something extra – they are looking for hospitality.

Why Hospitality Matters in Retail

When customers visit a store, they are going for the experience. They are going for something they can’t get online. If they know what they want, they can simply order it from an online store. A retail space offers them something different. They can physically see the product, interact with it, and ask questions of the staff there.

It’s for this reason that shopping remains one of the biggest tourist activities. This is because it allows them to experience the new culture in a way that online shopping would not. They are going for the experience of the place, not just for the products themselves.

Using Hospitality to Improve Your Pop Up Shop

Knowing that your customers are looking for an experience gives you an advantage when you lease a pop-up shop. You can make decisions about your store that cater to your customer base’s desired experience. For example, you can have music playing that fits your brand and decorate in a specific way that helps to set the tone.

You can also have your products on display so that customers can interact with them. If your business is providing food, for example, have some samples that customers can try. This is something they can’t do online and is a reason for them to visit your pop up shop.

Gearing your pop up shop towards an experience can also help you to determine where to lease a popup shop. For instance, you may want to have it near a hotel, knowing that tourists like to go shopping. Or, if your business provides wellness and relaxation products, you should set up near a spa or gym.

Setting Your Retail Store Apart

If you want your pop up shop to stand out from the other stores in your area, you need to focus on hospitality. Now, more than ever, customers are looking for an experience when they enter a store, rather than just a place where they can buy things.

Focus on your ideal customer and think about what sort of experience they might be looking for. Do they want a fun store? A relaxing one? An innovative one? Then use this information to guide every aspect of your pop up store creation, from its location to its décor to the products you have on display.

When done right, setting up a pop up shop can be a great benefit to your online business. If you want to find out more about how you can create an experience for your pop up shop, and give your customers something they will remember, please Westfield and learn more.

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