Jacuzzi and Aqua Quip at Southcenter


Jacuzzi and Aqua Quip at Southcenter recently held a joint sale in Western Washington! A three month temporary inline store created the opportunity for Jacuzzi Brands and one of their biggest regional retailers, Aqua Quip, to create a unique retail experience. This joint venture idea was born out of conversations around ways to help draw attention to and promote an annual “Battle of the Brands” Hot Tub and Outdoor Living Sales Aqua Quip holds in the parking lot event space at Southcenter. It then morphed into a pop-up design center for Jacuzzi branded tubs staffed by Aqua Quip employees.

Temporary inline retail spaces allow for flexible leasing terms to help you gauge your long-term success. This opportunity gives you the space to serve your customers, test out having a brick-and-mortar shop and offer seasonal opportunities to your customers. Learn more about temporary inline leasing.

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