How Pop Ups Are Changing the Retail Landscape

women shopping

With the retail landscape undergoing a period of peaks and troughs, successful brick-and-mortar retailers are incorporating a more individualized experience into their spaces in order to edge out the competition.

While massive, traditional retail experiences may be shrinking, the outlook for pop-up and temporary storefronts are much rosier as retailers are adapting and disrupting the conventional brick-and-mortar model.

The future for pop-ups is so bright that global commercial real estate firm CBRE looks to “rogue retailing” as the future of shopping, exceeding a $50 billion pop-up for lease industry.

Westfield POP understands this shift and is expertly positioned to assist emerging brands with breaking into an innovative new landscape. As brands continue to rely on physical spaces to drive revenue, Westfield provides not only the physical area, but also a platform for brand exposure and innovation.

Westfield’s three different pop-up options speak to the needs and desires of brands: prefabricated, temporary retail formats in the middle of the shopping common area, larger retail spaces that act as a canvas for more established brands, or retail roadshows that allow brands to test a variety of different markets.

The options available at Westfield are not only a response to the changing retail industry and evolving consumer habits, but also an opportunity for new brands to gain efficient and fast exposure to the market and the first rung on the ladder to something bigger. For more established retailers it’s a chance to diversify their story and build a more exclusive brand experience with customers.

Whether the goal is to launch into a new market or to increase overall brand visibility, Westfield POP provides a platform for your brand to grow, experiment and diversify.

To learn more about the pop up options offered by Westfield POP, contact us today.

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