Gain Valuable Shopper Insights with your Next Pop Up

women shopping

For online retailers craving more of a connection with their shoppers, pop-up retail not only provides an opportunity to increase brand loyalty, but also a unique chance to gather valuable data.

For this reason, savvy business owners with an eye toward the future of retail will want to consider extending their brand presence with a pop-up store.

Get to Know Your Customers Better by Seeing Them in Person

How well do you really know your customers? Sure, you can glean some insight when you examine their long-term shopping patterns that you capture in your database. You also may receive emails, text messages or calls from customers, but this kind of communication barely scratches the surface.

Conduct Market Research

With your temporary storefront, you have the perfect opportunity to carry out some badly needed market research. Capture details such as their city or ZIP code to help you determine how far away customers are coming as well as to understand their demographics.

You can also ask customers if they prefer different colors or sizes, and don’t forget to vary the smaller items you have available for purchase near the cash register. This will allow you to properly gauge what items inspire those last-minute impulse purchases.

For restauranteurs or café owners, try holding an event for loyal customers where you debut new dishes on a tasting menu. This will allow you to quickly and easily decide what dishes are crave-worthy and should have a permanent place on your menu.

A pop-up shop is an excellent way to expose your brand to more people who are already eager to buy. For more information about pop up store leasing, or to obtain some tips from our leasing experts, please get in touch with the team at Westfield POP today.

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