Using Social Media to Spread the Word about Your Pop Up Store

pop up store social media

You may already have a good understanding of how to open a pop-up shop but you recognize that you still need to boost your efforts to get the word out about your new temporary retail location. Now is the time to harness the power of social media to advertise your pop up store and ensure you have customers flocking to your store on your launch day.

Offer Sneak Peeks

People love to feel like they are part of an exclusive club, which is why you’ll want to offer them some sneak peeks of the products you are offering in your pop-up store.

Post pictures and videos of your items on your social channels and your followers will have a quick and convenient way to see your enticing products before the rest of the world.

Target the Local Community

Social media is an excellent way to organize people for local events.

Let your followers know about your pop-up shop and use local keywords, such as the name of the city and shopping mall where you are opening for business. Features on Instagram such as geotagging and hashtags are a great way to connect with potential customers in your local area.

Work with Influencers

Who are the key influencers in your area of business? Candidates could include a teenage fashion expert, a chef or any number of notable individuals who already have a strong online following.
If you reach out to them with samples to review, there’s a chance that they will showcase it in their next post and shine some light on your business.

Encourage ‘Checking In’

Geolocation services enable people to pinpoint exactly where they are in the world with their portable devices.

Make sure that you encourage customers to “check in” with their social media accounts when they visit your pop up shop. This lets others see how popular your shop is becoming and can inspire new customers to visit your new pop up shop.

Stream Video

Facebook Live and Snapchat are powerful broadcasting tools that you can use to stream video from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. They are ideal for boosting interest in your pop-up shop.

Announce to your followers that you are about to go live, and those who are interested will tune in. If they like what they see, they might tag their friends on your video stream which will spread the word about your shop like wildfire.

Best of all, you can demonstrate new products as well as announce a limited-time offer such as a discount on items during your live video stream.

Social media channels are crucial for getting the word out about your business, especially when you are working out of a temporary retail format like a pop up store. You can encourage your followers to find you, as well as share the news with their friends. For additional details on harnessing social media to promote your pop up or to learn more about how to open a pop up in a mall near you, please reach out to the leasing professionals at Westfield POP.

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