How a Pop-Up Shop Can Help Diversify Your Brand

pop up shop

Companies going through growing pains used to have fairly limited options, such as deciding whether to open a new brick-and-mortar, or build a presence online.

Owners who have been running a successful business in one location for some time now, or who have only been operating online, often wonder what is the best way to go about reaching out to new potential customers.

A pop up shop provides an ideal platform to engage new shoppers and test a retail environment, all while keeping investment and overhead at a minimum.

Engage with Online Customers in the Real World

A pop-up shop allows you to engage with your online customers in a physical space, which will help you to develop a relationship with your shoppers and can increase sales both online and offline.

Make sure to promote your pop-up shop on your website, blog, social media and email blasts to all of your customers to let them know they can meet you in person and check out your products close to home.

Introduce a New Source of Revenue for Your Business

A temporary retail format like a pop-up shop gives you the opportunity to test a new income stream and see how it will improve your bottom line.

Program your Pop UP

Online videos, infographics and dull, stuffy PDF files of product manuals are not the only method you have to engage customers. At your new pop-up shop, you can incorporate events to draw new shoppers and engage your loyal brand base.

This could include a “meet the maker” event where an artisan come to the store to discuss and promote their product, or a “sip and shop” event where you provide refreshments while promoting a new product line.

Now that you have a better sense of why you should lease a pop-up shop and start exploring the world of temporary retailing, you’ll want to connect with experts who can help you take it to the next level.

The team at Westfield POP has years of experience helping business owners move beyond online sales and traditional brick and mortar establishments to set up shop in a pop up store. For more information on the benefits of pop up shop leasing or to get started with your new store launch, please connect with the leasing experts at Westfield POP today.

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