Partner Spotlight: Holy Chic Los Angeles

Today’s Partner Spotlight focuses on Holy Chic Los Angeles. This LA-based flower couturier is currently “popping up” at Westfield Century City and is soon to open their very own European-style flower cart in the heart of the mall.

Owner Alla Katkovski tells us about her pop up, her decision to work with Westfield, and how she came up with her ever-so-chic boutique.

How did you come up with Holy Chic Los Angeles? How would you describe your brand?

My whole life I have had a huge passion for flowers and beautiful things in general. I was very successful with my job with Christian Dior in Europe and I never thought that my passion for flowers would become my business. Two years ago, when I decided to move to Los Angeles, I realized that I wanted to do something that would unite my experience, passion, and lifestyle under my own brand.

I went to London where I got a floral degree at one of the most respected floral schools in the world Judith Blacklock Flower School and since then I started to grow my baby that I named Holy Chic Haute Couture Flower Box.

Holy Chic is an exclusive collaboration of perfect flowers and chic standards. We are a luxury retail product specializing in real, fresh and preserved flowers with haute couture style.

Who is Holy Chic’s customer? Is he or she a Westfield shopper?

A Holy Chic customer is someone who has taste. I believe everyone could be a Holy Chic customer. It is a luxury gift product that can be given on any occasion, or even purchased for yourself. This is the kind of shopper you find at Westfield, and I look forward to continuing to be being located amongst some of my favorite brands.

You also have online retail. Why is having a physical store, such as your Pop Up at Westfield Century City, important to your business?

Having a physical store is very important to any business. This Pop Up helps us market ourselves and build the Holy Chic brand. Clients are also able to see the product in person, feel it, touch it, and smell it. We are very excited to join Westfield Century City full-time on October 3rd.

How do you see Holy Chic growing over the next 5 years? Will Westfield be a part of this plan?

We have a lot of exciting ideas and over the next 5 years, we definitely plan to continue to be part of Westfield Century City. We are starting with a European-style flower cart and eventually plan to progress to having our own so-chic boutique inside the mall.

The Holy Chic pop-up shop is beautiful! How did you go about designing the space?

We first designed our space during our first pop-up event at the Brentwood Farmers Market. We had a 10×10 tent and inside we designed a similar setup. Once we found out we would be having our Century City pop up we changed and added a few things and came up with our current beautiful and eye-catching design.

Why did you choose Westfield for your Pop Up? You must have had many options to choose from! What set Westfield apart?

We worked, and also had good experiences, with other large shopping malls, but Westfield Century City is so stylish and unique. It perfectly fits our style. We love the design, the vibe, and friendly atmosphere. Without question, the location is the best in town. There are tons of businesses around and we believe there is no better place for Holy Chic.

Interested in opening your own pop-up shop with Westfield? Connect with our team of leasing professionals today who will help you identify the space and shopping center that’s right for our brand.

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