Kylie Jenner opens first Pop Up with Westfield

pop up shop

The crowds turned out in full force at Westfield Topanga early this past December, as they were about to take part in the grand opening of style icon, and beauty entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner’s first-ever pop-up shop.
It wasn’t until the next morning before the store opened and they could get a glimpse of Kylie Cosmetics, Jenner’s first physical retail location for her hotly coveted beauty brand.

Pop up shop

This kind of devotion easily translates into retail success. Yet, rather than remain an exclusively online brand, Jenner opted for a short-term pop-up location, providing her loyal fans and shoppers with an opportunity to further experience her range of products (and take a selfie, or two), all while creating added buzz.

By opting for a retail location with an expiration date, Jenner created a highly anticipated shopping experience. While your retail business may not have the same social media following as Jenner’s, with a little bit of social media prowess and a properly executed pop up, you too can gain added visibility for your brand.

Pop Up Shop

Short-term retail for brands with long-term goals

With more than 80 million followers on Instagram and 19 million on Twitter, Jenner clearly knows how to use social media to promote her brand, and you can do the same.

While your company may not have enormous numbers of followers, you can still reach out to your regular shoppers (many of whom by now are likely following your social media accounts) and build anticipation as you plan your pop up, eventually informing them of its dates and location.

By promoting your pop-up efforts via social media you can also help to turn your regular shoppers and loyal social media followers into brand evangelists:

“Brand evangelists have incredible networks on social media,” writes marketing author Rick Ramos. “A single tweet can bring in hundreds to thousands of clicks to your website. Even people with smaller networks might be a great fit if they’re in your specific niche.”

By personalizing your social media content to show images and videos of your pop-up space as you build and merchandise it, you are creating engaging, and highly shareable, content. All of which will keep your evangelists coming back for more, while also simultaneously working to build your following.

Besides using social media, make sure to collect email addresses from each of your online customers so you can inform them of your product debuts and upcoming events.

Are you ready to ‘pop up’?  For more information on Westfield POP and our available spaces please contact us today.


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