A Profitable Pop Up: 5 Tips for Success

pop up retail space

Pop Up, Trunk Show, or Flash Retail; short-term retail may go by various names but the objective is one in the same- to make the biggest impact in the shortest period of time. This avant garde approach to retail is flashy, attention-grabbing and fleeting.

But what is in the secret sauce of a successful pop up? With a variety of factors contributing to pop-up success, it can be hard for retailers to decide which area to put the most focus. We’ve narrowed down 5 key areas that are crucial when planning your next temporary space.

Pick a Great Location

Location, location, location. You’ve heard it before and this mantra rings ever-so-true when it comes to deciding where to ‘pop up’. Creating a complimentary offering to neighboring retailers is an important thing to keep in mind when choosing your pop-up space.

If you sell items that appeal to kids, try to get a location that is near where kids congregate, such as a play area, or a toy or games store. The same idea holds for all demographics you’re targeting.

Harness Your Creative Powers

Be creative in how you present your pop-up shop. Create a cohesive theme that compliments your product. Modern, artisan, colorful or minimal, the theme you choose will depend on your personal aesthetic as well as the type of product you’re offering.

Develop an Improved Sales Strategy

Brainstorm with your team to come up with a sales strategy designed for pop-up spaces. With a smaller square footage and only a limited time in operation, you want to make sure every moment counts.

Market Your Pop up Shop with Social Media

Potential shoppers may never even see your pop-up shop if they traditionally spend time in other areas of the shopping center or retail district you opt to ‘pop up’ in. You’ll want to post frequent updates to your social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as to keep existing followers informed and to attract new shoppers.

Offer an Experience

Consider partnering with a blogger or influencer on a special event. Now is the time to pull it all the stops in order to create a brand impact that truly lasts. By bringing in a relevant blogger or influencer for a special event you can create an experience that can’t be missed. If you’re a beauty retailer reach out to a local beauty blogger, or if you’re offering home or lifestyle products consider reaching out to a local food blogger or fitness guru.

Whether you’re an established brick-and-mortar, brand new to the retail world, or you’ve mastered the digital realm with an e-commerce site, a pop-up shop can grow your business and improve your brand in ways not previously achievable through traditional retail.

Whichever retail format you’re currently invested in, you can now target a new market, grow your shopper base, and strengthen your customer loyalty all through opening a pop up.

For information on opening your own pop up space or to consult with a leasing professional, please contact Westfield POP today.

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