Love is in The Air: Why Your Business Needs To ‘Pop Up’ This Valentine’s Day

Romance is in the air, and this can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching.

With just a bit of planning your retail store can make the most of this amorous holiday. The first step is to identify products within your inventory that appeal to the Valentine’s Day shopper. This could include the more traditional box of chocolates, jewelry or flowers, or even feature gifts that appeal to those who are feeling festive but may be unattached. For example, with the #galentines movement quickly gaining in popularity, why not feature cozy PJs, spa goodies or even wine for that perfect girls’ night in?

Whichever suite of products you choose to highlight; you can be sure to capture consumer attention with an expertly placed pop-up shop. Whether your business is based on holiday and seasonal sales or not, you can promote your items to those looking for the perfect gift or indulgence.

Doing so in a temporary retail situation like a pop-up shop will help to promote your brand to new shoppers while simultaneously strengthening your brand equity with your loyalists- as you are offering something other than your standard shopping experience.

Spending Trends Are High for Many Categories During Valentine’s Day

If you guessed that jewelry accounts for the most sales on Valentine’s Day gifts, you’d be correct. According to Fundivo, average spending on Valentine’s Day jewelry by Americans was $166 in 2016, based on the latest information from the National Retail Federation. This is followed by clothing, which people spent an average of $87 on for Valentine gifts. Flowers averaged $41 per purchase last year, followed by $26 for candy and $18 for greeting cards.

You can easily open a pop-up shop to promote a special selection of your brand’s jewelry, clothing, Valentine’s Day-oriented cards, candy and more. For customers who already buy from you online, you can use social media to promote in-store only deals on selected merchandise.

The temporary nature of a pop-up shop can also help to motivate shoppers to make a purchase, as they know the items may not be available for much longer. As shoppers search the mall for an eye-catching Valentine’s Day present, you can make sure to stand out from the crowd. For more information on opening a pop-up shop to boost holiday sales or to speak with one of our leasing professionals, contact Westfield POP today.

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