How to Manage your Pop-Up Shop: 3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Temporary Retail Space

Tips for Business Owners for Managing Your Temporary Pop Up Shop

Every small business owner deals with a great deal of competition, but small business owners in the retail industry must compete with both boutique and big-box retailers alike. To gain shopper recognition in such a competitive space, it’s essential for small business retailers to incorporate a strategic sales management plan, especially if you plan on incorporating a pop-up shop into your retail mix in 2017. The following retail management tips will help your small business not only succeed, but also thrive, in the New Year.

Customer is King

This year keep your focus on your customers and going the “extra mile” to ensure that your shoppers are satisfied with your products and service. You can achieve this, in part, by training your sales team to be helpful and engaging, but never pushy. A simple “Thanks for coming in today, is there anything I can help you find?”, can do a lot towards making your shoppers feel welcome.

When you reinforce the idea that the customer is paramount, your sales team will be better equipped to handle any and all requests or complaints.  This allows your business to stay in the good graces of its’ customers, which in turn, helps to ensure future sales.

Prep your Team

If you plan on incorporating a pop-up into your retail strategy this year, make sure to prep your team for a change in sales environment. For example, they can anticipate much more foot traffic, as shoppers will be drawn to something unique and temporary. They may also need to be more hands-on with customers, doing product demonstrations to attract people’s attention.

Focus on the idea that your sales staff should listen more, rather than talk, so they can better serve the customer’s needs. Remember that with so much competition, shoppers always have another choice on where to purchase their goods.

Merchandising Your Temporary Location

Your merchandising style may need to adjust slightly when you open a pop-up shop as well. With only a short period of time to create a lasting impression, now is the time to pull out all the stops.

Hire a visual merchandiser for the day to come in and arrange your products so that they are visually pleasing, and enticing, to your shoppers. Invest in new signage. Remove all clutter- less is truly more when placing product in a concise space. These affordable and quick solutions can transform a ho-hum activation a profitable pop up.

Connect with the Westfield POP leasing team today to learn more about our available spaces and leasing formats. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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