How to Market your Holiday Pop-Up Shop

Before reserving your pop up shop space, following these holiday marketing tips.

During the holiday season, retailers can make the majority of their annual revenue in just a few short months. To make the most out of such a profitable time of year, it’s essential to have a few holiday marketing strategies in place. Whether you’re new to the pop-up scene, or a pop-up aficionado, the following tips are designed to bring more traffic your way and encourage shoppers to linger, browse and buy!

Spread the Holiday Cheer

Spruce up your pop-up shop by decorating it for the holiday season. Festive colors, pictures, lights and other features will help keep shoppers in the holiday spirit. If your temporary retail space isn’t decorated, shoppers may think that nothing special or exciting is happening (such as a sale or other enticing bargain), and turn their attention to another shop instead.

Offer Refreshments

Busy shoppers, who are tired from their holiday shopping spree, will be delighted when you greet them with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa to enjoy while they sample your wares. This simple and low-cost offering helps to create a welcoming atmosphere, and can help boost sales.

Partner with a Charity

Supporting a worthy cause is an excellent way to create stronger ties to your community while also strengthening your brand presence. For example, you may donate a percentage of your profits on holiday purchases during a specified sales period, or simply have a donation box with proceeds going to a local charity.

Consider Online Ads

Even though you can count on plenty of foot traffic in the retail center, it pays to get the word out and extend your brand in the marketplace through online advertisements. You have to consider that many shoppers will be searching online for items before they make the trip to your location. Targeting them with holiday ads could mean a boost in visitors to your pop-up shop.

Amplify your reach through Social Media

Don’t forget the importance of connecting with potential customers via social media channels. Make your announcements with a holiday theme when posting updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites. Reinforce the idea that the items you sell at the pop-up shop are going to sell out fast, due to the temporary nature of your store. This should encourage shoppers to visit before your inventory is depleted.

If you have yet to take the step to grow your business, find out how Westfield POP helps provide an innovative way to market your products. A pop-up shop space is a great way to breath fresh air into your product line and will expose your brand to new customers. For more information on short-termleasing, please contact Westfield POP today.

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