Pop-Up Shops: 6 Important Tips for Success

When you rent a pop up shop, follow these steps.

When opening a pop up shop, it pays to have a plan in place to extend your brand in the marketplace and increase sales. While your square footage may be small, the impact your temporary store can have on your business can be lasting. With creative promotions and a bit of flexibility your pop up can be a key element in the future success of your business.

Due to the temporary nature of pop-up shops, the more brand awareness you can create up front, the better. Consequently, the faster you get started, the sooner you can expect to see positive results with your store’s bottom line. Here are six tips to help you move more merchandise and keep your brand top-of-mind with local consumers:

1. Focus on Seasons and Holidays

We’re in the midst of prime holiday shopping season, which means it’s a great time to consider the amount of foot traffic your pop up has the potential to benefit from. A prime location along with a unique offering is a sure-fire way to increase sales, as well as brand awareness.

2. Educate your Customers

A pop-up shop provides an opportunity to educate customers on your product or service. A live demonstration, or simply allowing the shoppers to try the product themselves, can be key to your sales.

3. Build Brand Awareness

While online shopping certainly allows for ease of purchase, shoppers often times lack a connection between their purchase and the retailer. Your temporary retail location provides you with a platform to introduce your brand to new customers, as well as build brand equity with those shoppers who only previously experienced your brand online.

4. Interact with Customers in their Element

If your targeted demographics are already spending time at the mall on a regular basis, it makes sense to open a store where you know you can find them. Meeting them on their own turf means you don’t have to rely on online marketing to attract the attention of new potential customers.

5. Update your Inventory

The items that you have been having trouble selling through your website are now offered a second chance. Bring them to your pop-up shop, where you can expose them to a new group of shoppers, with the added advantage that they can now see and touch your items in person.

6. Promote Offline Engagement

If you have previously sold through ecommerce only, you’re likely to be missing out on the benefits of engaging with your customers offline, and in the real world. Your new pop- up shop gives you a prime opportunity to meet with already established, as well as brand new customers.

Now that you have a better idea of how various marketing tactics can promote your brand and increase sales at a temporary retail location, it’s time to get started with your very own pop-up shop. For details on pop-up shop leasing, or to consult with one of our local leasing professionals, please connect with the team at Westfield POP today.

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