Simple Ways to Increase Sales on Small Business Saturday

What is your company doing to take advantage of all the extra foot traffic anticipated during this year’s Small Business Saturday?

Launched by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday is designed to showcase the nation’s small business owners and drive more customers their way.

This annual shopping event takes place on November 26, 2016, the first Saturday following Thanksgiving. Retailers looking to make a big splash this holiday season are increasingly looking towards pop up, a short-term retail format that allows brands to engage with busy shoppers.

If you are just launching your business or introducing your online business to the world of offline retail, a pop-up gives you access to a steady stream of customers who are looking for novel gift ideas, as well as a convenient way to buy them.

Retailers can take steps to earn more on Small Business Saturday by trying out any of the following tips:

Gearing Up for Small Business Saturday

Shoppers, ever-hungry for a deal or discount after Black Friday, will appreciate that they can earn twice as many points while shopping at small businesses when they enroll and use their eligible American Express card for each purchase. You can tout this benefit at your pop-up location, offering shoppers convenience as well as a price break.

This bonus is available from Small Business Saturday through the end of 2016.

Form Partnerships with Other Retailers to Advertise Together

Some advance preparation is required if you want to get the most out of this shopping event.

For example, small businesses often lack resources to do much in the way of marketing. Instead of making do with a limited budget for getting the word out about goods and services they offer, small businesses can band together as a group to promote their niche, noted New York Business Journal.

Bundle Items as Gift Suggestions to Discourage Showrooming

Customers engage in showrooming throughout the year, but you can anticipate that they will increase their efforts during a major event like Small Business Saturday.

To discourage shoppers from coming to your store to check out items in person before buying them less expensively online, consider bundling them as gifts.

What’s more, the temporary nature of your pop-up shop builds a sense of urgency in shoppers. When they sense that the deals you are offering won’t last for long, it can encourage them to buy from you now.

Take to Social Media

If your store isn’t already using social media on a regular basis, now is the time to start. Social media can be a crucial part of your outreach efforts. This is especially the case when you need to guide shoppers to your pop-up shop’s location in a shopping center.

Which platform or platforms you will concentrate on depends on the demographics of your ideal shoppers. For example, you may post on LinkedIn to promote your offerings to business leaders and use Facebook to attract the attention of homeowners. Image-heavy promotions may look best on Pinterest, while a clever headline will get you more eyeballs via Twitter.

Make sure to promote your pop-up store as a small business, in keeping with the event. Shoppers interested in shopping close to home and supporting local companies will be encouraged to patronize your establishment on Small Business Saturday and after.

For more information about boosting your business’ revenue with a pop-up shop, connect with Westfield Mall Retail today.


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