Pop-Up Stores Continue to Drive Retail Innovation

Short-term retail is by no means a recent innovation, yet today’s temporary retail is fueled by a creative group of young entrepreneurs who are introducing new concepts, and challenging the traditional rules of retail in the process. In a recent article, Constance Gustke of The New York Times describes a number of entrepreneurs who are using Pop Up as a means to build their brand equity, increase sales, and test new products- all while keeping costs at a minimum.

Dordrecht, Netherlands - July 27, 2014: Selling coffee and tea out of a car at the summer Swan Market in Dordrecht. The lifestyle market was originally started in vacant shops in Rotterdam

One jewelry designer out of New York, Catherine Nicole, has even replaced the tried-and true-trade show in favor Pop Up. According to the article,

“She tries to hold two pop-ups sales a month, where she sells her jewelry, which is made of semiprecious gemstones that were inspired by travels to Spain and Africa. This strategy, she adds, is in keeping with her business model of staying lean and agile.”

Pop-up retail reigns supreme for brands that can’t afford to pay a premium on real estate, yet still crave the shopper interaction necessary to drive brand loyalty and sales.

“Using pop-ups does, of course, still help entrepreneurs stay nimble and lean. They do not need to sign long leases, stash away much cash or carry big credit lines. For their part, consumers can meet the designers and touch and feel their works, which cannot be done online. In the process, brands can be built more quickly, sales can be increased and new products can be tested.”

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