Festivals + Pop Up: Why Major Brands are Heading to the Desert this Weeekend

This weekend over 100,000 20-30 somethings flock to Indio, CA for Coachella. Now in its 16th year, this 2-weekend long festival has become one of the world’s biggest and highest-grossing festivals. Along with music and millennials, comes a more recent influxof fashion labels and mass-label brands, including Levis, H&M and Calvin Klein- all of which are hosting events at the festival over the next 2 weekends.

Many of these retail events are in the form of pop-up shops, where festival-goers can try on the latest fashions and then share their discoveries via social media. These temporary shops provide their corporate sponsors face time with their target market- up’ing their cool equity and exposure in the process.


While the costs associated with such sponsorships are too lofty for most retailers, smaller brands have been able to compete with off-site activations and the incorporation of  the theme in various promotions. A quick search of #festivalwear or #festivalfashion on Instagram will lead you to a bevy of retailers using the event as a means to promote their brand.

The popularity of Pop Up at Coachella and other festivals highlights the effectiveness of temporary retail for both big and small brands alike. While major retailers may open a pop-up shop in an effort to up their cool factor with the millennial set, smaller brands (with smaller budgets) can replicate this format in a variety of environments, with a variety of rewards. Such benefits include increased brand awareness and customer loyalty, as well as the ability to test a new revenue stream or market.

Interested in opening a pop-up shop? Westfield Mall Retail has multiple pop-up formats, with flexible lease terms and built-in foot traffic. Connect with your leasing manager today for more details. 


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