Partner Spotlight: Sandro Ferrone

This week’s Partner Spotlight features Italian fashion brand Sandro Ferrone, who earlier this month opened their first U.S. location at Westfield Annapolis. Located in Nordstrom Court, Sandro Ferrone’s newest store features the best in European fashion at a price point that’s accessible to women everywhere.

Recently we sat down with Paula McLoud, Partner at Sandro Ferrone U.S., to discuss Sandro Ferrone’s rise from small family-owned business to internationally-recognized brand, as well their decision to partner with Westfield Mall Retail on this new location.  Let’s see what she had to say:

Tell us a bit about Sandro Ferrone. Where did the company get its start? 

Alessandro Ferrone laid the foundation for Sandro Ferrone after WWII and quickly turned his fashion trade into a formidable business. Today, Ferrone produces and globally exports over two million articles of clothing annually. Sandro Ferrone offers fast, ready-to-wear fashion for the style conscious woman at an affordable price point. The collections are manufactured in Italy with particular attention to quality and detail season to season.

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Sandro Ferrone has a number of successful international locations. What prompted you to open this first US-based location with Westfield? 

My family in Italy has been in the fashion retail business for 3 generations. One of the lines they carry in all of their boutiques is Sandro Ferrone, which has consistently been a best seller. Their relationship with Sandro Ferrone sparked discussions about opening the first boutique in the United States. We chose Westfield Annapolis because of the location next to an anchor store, the steady foot traffic in the Westfield Mall and the demographics of the area match our targeted customer base. Additionally, I live in Annapolis, know Annapolis and love Annapolis, so it just made sense to open our first store here.

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Who is Sandro Ferrone’s shopper? Have you found that the Westfield shopper is a good fit for Sandro Ferrone?

The Sando Ferrone shopper is a woman in their 20’s to 60’s who appreciates fine fashion that has a European flair at a reasonable cost. She is looking for quality styles that are uniquely different and interesting and since we carry size 0 through 18, it offers all women a fashion selection that is not seen elsewhere.  The Westfield women are the perfect fit for us. Just being open for one week, everyone who has shopped with us has been ecstatic!  In line with fast fashion, our inventory changes weekly, which will keep our customers excited to see the new collections.

Photo Sep 14, 8 52 52 AM

How do you see Sandro Ferrone growing in the next 5 years? Do you see Westfield potentially being a part of this growth plan?

We have exclusive rights for this brand, so our plan is to expand quickly with other stores, and yes, Westfield will certainly be part of our growth. In working with Westfield initially, we were so impressed with the confidence and support they gave us as an unknown retailer in the U.S. We will never forget Westfield believing in our business and look forward to working with them as we grow our future locations.

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