Westfield Partner Spotlight: The San Francisco Startup that’s Solving all your Tech Woes

Proving that the mall remains one the best platforms to reach new customers, San Francisco startup Eden opened their first location this month at Westfield San Francisco Centre to lines of eager shoppers.

Eden’s full-service kiosk, called the Wizard Bar, allows shoppers to access immediate assistance for any tech-related questions, all while shopping in the mall. Also providing on-demand assistance at home, where a Wizard is sent to your residence to assess any home-related technological needs, Eden aims to ease the technological frustrations felt by many.

In her article “This startup wants to be the Genius Bar for everyone elseBusiness Insider reporter Biz Carson reveals the origin of Eden:

“[Founder] Joe Du Bey first thought of Eden when he visited his parents in Seattle for Thanksgiving last fall. He was greeted not only with a large meal, but also an equally large to-do list of technical problems his parents needed fixed.”


Du Bey goes on to describe the ideal Eden customer as someone akin to his parents, who frequently purchase new technology, but often are left with questions when it comes to the programming or customization of these devices and systems, a trait he refers to as, “tech-forward but not tech-savvy”.

For Westfield San Francisco Centre shoppers with technological woes, help comes in the form of the no-appointment needed Wizard Bar, where a helpful wizard will fix a cracked phone screen or install a new program during a shopping visit. Should the appointment require more time, a wizard can schedule an at-home visit at your convenience.

Even the most tech-savvy individuals can get behind that kind of service!

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