2 Affordable Alternatives to Brick-and-Mortar

Having an amazing retail concept is only the first step to retail success. The means to market your product to the masses is another crucial component to building your brand. Luckily, for those cost-conscious retailers, gone are the days when opening a retail location meant a considerable upfront investment. Whether you’re an e-commerce business looking for more exposure, or an established retail brand wanting to highlight a new offering, the following formats are both impactful and affordable.


In the recent article,”Retailing on a Budget: 7 Brick-and-Mortar Alternatives“, Nicole Fallon of Business News Daily speaks to the many cost-effective benefits of opening a kiosk.

“A kiosk is the perfect opportunity for retailers with a small amount of inventory. These small retail stands got their start several decades ago as a short-term option for seasonal retailers. Today, there are thousands of kiosks in malls, transportation hubs and event venues nationwide, selling everything from jewelry to skin care products.”

Additionally, with their placement in high-traffic areas, kiosks allow for high sales and major brand exposure, helping retailers save on marketing expenses.



Fallon goes on to tout the affordable attributes of pop-up shops, saying, “pop-up shops provide retailers with an effective way to quickly jump-start their sales, marketing and branding efforts.”

These low-cost, high-exposure, activations are the perfect fit for those retailers looking to temporarily showcase their product to past and future clients. For e-commerce brands in particular, Pop Up provides customers with an experience that cannot be found online. With flexible lease terms and easy set up, Pop Up also allows established retailers to test out new markets to see where their product has most traction.

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Connect with Westfield Mall Retail today to see which of these formats is the right fit for your business. Our skilled Leasing Managers will make sure to find the center and location that’s right for you. With 38 centers from NY to LA, we’ve got you covered!




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