Men’s Online Retailer Bonobos Opens Brick and Mortar at Westfield

With the recent opening of their 12th brick-and-mortar location at Westfield UTC, men’s online retailer Bonobos continues their venture into the world of physical retail.

Catering to the trends of showrooming, or the practice of browsing products in person and then later purchasing online, as well as the more recent trend of webrooming– the practice of browsing online and then purchasing in person, as to better experience the look and feel of the product- Bonobos seamlessly combines the worlds of online and physical retail.

The beautifully designed 1,300-square-foot space features and array of menswear, as well as stylists who carefully select pieces during their by-appointment-only fitting sessions. When the appointment is over the clothes are returned to the racks and the customer is able to place an order via their online site. The clothing is then promptly delivered, free of shipping costs, within 3 to 5 days.

Bonobos is not the only online retailer to make the move from ‘clicks-to-bricks‘. Amazon, as well as tech giant Dyson, have both joined the omnichannel movement, opening new locations at Westfield centers all within the past year.

With benefits such as increased brand awareness and improved customer interaction, brick-and-mortar locations act as powerful extension of any online retail business. For Bonobos’ Director of Retail, Ron Thurston, “it’s the perfect marriage of online shopping and brick-and-mortar retail.”

Their approach does not force consumers to choose bricks over clicks, but instead provides the convenience of eCommerce along with the customer service of a physical store.

Interested in extending the footprint of your online business? Westfield Mall Retail provides a perfect entry point into the world of brick and mortar. Connect with your leasing manager today to find a location that matches your brand and customer.

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