Online to Offline: Diversify Your Brand With a Pop Up

The value of going omnichannel, or having both a physical and online presence to your business, has been well touted by retail aficionados the world over. A recent consumer-based study found that over 70% of consumers are likely to visit a store if they can first view product information online, compared to 36% of customers who would visit when no online product details were available. In-store fulfillment of online purchases also ranked high for many shoppers, with 50% of consumers planning on buying online and then picking up in-store.

For online retailers wanting to diversify without taking on the costs associated with a permanent brick and mortar, pop up provides the perfect point of entry into an omnichannel business model. It’s a model that allows for flexibility, cost control and increased brand presence, all things that handbag and accessories designer, Jill Milan, experienced with her 2013 pop up at Westfield San Francisco Centre.

“The Westfield pop up was good for brand awareness,” Jill said of the temporary store. “It was good for customers to see the product and great for us to see customers face-to-face.”

This type of consumer engagement is an important win for online retailers, where customer interaction typically occurs on a superficial, or digital, level. Pop ups allow eCommerce brands to form meaningful relationships with their shoppers, bridging the gap between online and physical retail.

Create an immersive retail experience for your eCommerce business with Westfield Mall Retail. Our flexible lease terms and built-in foot traffic allow for easy expansion with major impact. Connect with our team of experts today and learn more.


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