Pop-Up Marketing: Westfield Sunrise surprises shoppers

Just last month, Westfield Sunrise partnered with Walt Disney World on a pop up that was nothing short of magical. As part of its Disneyside Campaign, Disney transformed an inline space into the Umbra Penumbra Magic Shop. The best thing about this mysterious shop? It was entirely fictional.

With a sign reading “Coming Soon” and its doors closed for business, unsuspecting shoppers passed by, and as they did their shadows were transformed into the classic Disney characters we all know and love. The characters then engaged the shoppers with dancing and playing, delighting adults and children alike.

With no items available for purchase, and nearly 500,00 Facebook likes and counting, this innovative pop up provides an excellent example of the power of experiential marketing. One crucial component of this pop-up campaign was the element of surprise. By putting together something unexpected, yet temporary, Disney was able to create a lasting impression.

Interested in learning more about pop-up opportunities with Westfield? Utilize our nationwide network of pop-up spaces to activate your brand today.

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