Key Elements of Pop Up Success

With their flexibility and low-overhead costs, pop ups have become the retail format du jour. As many pop-up retailers report sharp increases in sales as well as social engagement, it’s clear that this temporary retail format is here to stay.

In her recent article, “Pop-Up Retailers: Must Know Details to Make Yours a Success“, Nicole Leinbach-Reyle of Forbes identifies what sets a successful pop up apart.

“Gaining customers and eliminating long-term leases seems too good to be true. Fortunately, however, the pop-up craze isn’t fading away and vendors, designers and merchants alike can benefit from the pop-up party. The only question is how to do so successfully.”

According to Jeremy Baras, CEO of Popup Republic, the ability to think outside of the box is one prerequisite for success.

“Getting creative is key…identify your brand and the story behind it. Since pop-ups lend themselves to creativity, what’s the creative aspect of your brand? A pop-up allows merchants to be creative and tell a story.”

Melissa Gonzalez, CEO of the Lionesque Group and author of “The Pop-Up Paradigm” suggests identifying your business’ goals as the first step in developing a plan of action.

“The number one best piece of advice I always give is to step back and think of your goals before starting to plan a pop-up. Why are you doing a pop-up – besides sales – and what are you ultimately looking to achieve, learn and gain from it? Second, you want to be sure you are setting parameters to measure ROI. And of course, be sure your pop-up shop design tells your story. On that note, remember that as a merchant, your store is your story.”

So you’re ready to ‘pop up’? Check out Westfield’s Pop Up options and connect with your leasing manager today.

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