4 Small Business New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Stick To

The New Year is almost upon us, and with it the many (and often times half-hearted) commitments we make to ourselves to improve one aspect or element of our daily life. If you’re looking to set some goals for next year but are running short on ideas, try focusing your resolution on your business.  A resolve to improve your work is a commitment both to yourself and the customers or clients you serve.

Here’s a list of small business resolutions that we think will help you make the most of 2015:

1) Connect With Your Customers Now

Use loyalty programs and email updates to create a repeat customer base. Customer service and interaction are the hallmarks of small business. Stay engaged with your shoppers to prevent them from visiting your larger counterparts.

2) Leverage Existing Customers to Expand your Customer Base

Loyal customers can easily be turned into brand evangelists through the use of shareable coupons or invites to in-store events. This is a simple, and cost effective, means to recruit new customers.

3) Consider the Omnichannel Approach

We often times talk about omnichannel, and that’s because we think it really works. Best in show small businesses are using an omnichannel approach to access shoppers where they now live, work and play-  in both the physical and the digital. So, if you’re purely online try a temporary pop up for your first swing at brick and mortar. Or, if you’re only in a physical space at the moment, expand your reach with a website or blog.

4) Get Social

Put a face to your brand with improved social media marketing. The modern shopper wants to be able to interact with their retailers beyond just the point of transaction. With the use of compelling photography and quippy comments, your small business will quickly master the art of social.

Will you commit to any of these resolutions for 2015? Why or why not? 

Happy New Year from the Westfield Mall Retail team! We look forward to connecting with you in 2015!



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