Ditch Costs, Not Crowds: 3 Reasons to Pop Up in 2015

Continuing our commentary on the omnichannel movement, today we discuss the benefits of incorporating Pop Up into an online sales model. The eCommerce-only approach has long been revered as an attractive option for those retailers looking to keep overhead at a minimum.

Yet, with recent studies indicating that over 94% of buying is done in stores, and eCommerce giants like Nastygal incorporating brick-and-mortar into their business model, it’s clear that a multi-channel selling environment is essential for modern-day retail success.

But, what if a full blown brick-and-mortar store is not a financially viable option for your online business? With a low upfront investment and short-term leasing options available, Pop Up may be just the answer.

In his recent article “3 Reasons an Ecommerce Company Might Consider a Pop-Up Shop“. Morgan Jacobson of Hubspot provides 3 main reasons why Pop Up is the right move for your online business:

“1. Test New Products

Many buyers have a hard time parting with money when they haven’t yet had a chance to try a product out. This is one of the biggest hurdles ecommerce has to overcome. A pop-up shop would give you a chance to introduce your newest and most exciting items to a select number of customers. They could then touch, test, and try on everything.

You don’t need to reach every single potential buyer with your pop-up shop, but it’s not a bad idea to go to several cities. Those who do have a chance to test your new wares will make sure everyone hears about the quality and cool factor

2. Increase Awareness

In truth, SEO can only go so far. What if you have an ecommerce company that sells amazing things no one’s thinking to search for? Consumers have to be aware of products before they can start craving them.

With a pop-up shop, you can introduce your company to the world over the course of a few weeks, and then sit back as buyers flock to your ecommerce site to make purchases

3. Boost Holiday Sales

While some will always love the convenience of ordering holiday gifts online, others are more likely to make a purchase while out shopping. With a pop-up shop, you can make the most of both purchasing methods. If you pair your pop-up shop with mobile alerts and push notifications, the possibilities are endless.

Beacons can also revolutionize your sales as you’re able to complete online purchases right there in the store.”

Will you be incorporating Pop Up into your business model for 2015? Why or why not? We’d love to get your thoughts!



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