Cyber Monday: How Brick-and-Mortars Compete

Today, as millions of holiday shoppers scour the internet in search of Cyber Monday deals, best-in-class brick-and-mortars are enacting strategies of their own to stay competitive. According to a recent article by Luxury Daily, the following 3 key tactics will help your business to thrive, not just survive, this holiday season:

1. Stand out from the crowd: Engage shoppers through eye-catching displays

To catch the attention of passing shoppers retailers are investing in, “interactive displays and kiosks to create fully immersive experiences for consumers.”

This, according to Luxury Daily, will allow brands to, “offer their shoppers a new level of intrigue and delight, delivering unique brand interactions that are not possible through a computer screen.”

2. Build a relationship: Create brand loyalty through uniquely personal interactions

To stay on top in today’s increasingly digital retail environment, “many companies are creating more in-store human experiences, exposing the impersonal nature of online shopping. These companies recognize that personal connections are crucial to building brand loyalty.”

3. Take omnichannel to the next level: leverage your mobile presence to drive traffic in store

With mobile technology transforming the face of eCommerce, savvy retailers are now turning their attention to using mobile as a tool to support, rather than compete with, in-store shopping.

An example of this is Barney’s New York, who according to Luxury Daily, “has integrated tablets and smartphones into the mechanics of in-store point-of-sale transactions.”

With Barney’s already reporting increased customer satisfaction at stores where this has been piloted, it’s clear that incorporating a digital touch point is a powerful way to both drive shoppers into your store and keep them satisfied while there.

The end game

By incorporating these tactics into your brick-and-mortar business plan your brand will be adapting to the digital era while still incorporating the long-held advantages of in-store shopping- customer service and consumer engagement.

What are your thoughts on these 3 strategies? Will any of these suggestions make their way into your 2015 business plan?






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