Partner Spotlight: Polaroid Fotobar

For this week’s partner feature, we’re highlighting Polaroid Fotobar, an innovative new concept from the iconic pioneer of instant photography. Partnering with Westfield Mall Retail on 7 new locations across our Northern and Southern California centers, this unique melding of both digital and physical photography secures Polaroid’s place in the digital age- a major milestone for the 75 -year-old brand .


With their unique cube shape and classic Polaroid Color Spectrum logo, the 300-square-foot microstores feature digital workstations and an array of Polaroid products. Customers can turn their smartphone or social media pics into lasting memories with 3 different sizes of the retro-cool Polaroid photos. These images can then be displayed in shadowboxes or other picture accessories, making them a perfect gift for the holidays.


“Over one billion pictures are taken every day, and Polaroid Fotobar is a fun, easy way to take them from your Facebook timeline to your wall at home,” Polaroid founder and Chief Executive Warren Stuhl said in a statement. “Polaroid Fotobar is all about recapturing the magic and instant gratification of creating cherished pieces of art with your pictures.”



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