Why 2014 was the Year of Omnichannel

Fresh off the heels of Amazon’s brick-and-mortar openings at Westfield, Nastygal, another e-commerce giant, opens their first brick-and-mortar location just a few short miles from Westfield’s Los Angeles headquarters.

With over $130 million in annual sales reported since their start just six years ago, the decision by CEO Sophia Amorouso to expand to a physical space is a major milestone in the ‘clicks to bricks’ movement. Now more than ever, retailers are blending the once divergent channels of online and in-store retail in order to solidify their overall marketing strategy and provide consumers with a more seamless shopping experience.

For the 30 year old CEO, the opportunity to provide Nastygal shoppers with a high-level of customer service was another deciding factor.  In the recent WWD feature First Look at the Nastygal Store, Amorouso comments:

“It’s our job taking care of the customer and whatever that entails, whether it’s getting another size or keeping the store clean. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do in this store…”

Amorouso also goes on to discuss her newbie status in the world of brick and mortar:

“I’m learning a whole new skill set from this experience; it’s a challenge for sure. Like, there’s no time lapse between the time a customer asks a question and the time you answer it…I’m excited to get that real-time feedback because we can engineer that back into the business so much faster than data points.”

With both Amazon and Nastygal taking the omnichannel approach in 2014, it’s clear that the ‘clicks to bricks’ movement has gone mainstream. What are your thoughts on going omnichannel? Will your business be diversifying your marketing strategy in 2015?





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