From Dull to Dazzling: Merchandising for the Holidays

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, now is the time for small retailers to bring a festive look to their window and merchandising displays. Yet with every brick-and-mortar shop clamoring for attention, how can you be sure that your store stands out from the crowd?

According to the recent article by Riva Lesonsky, “How to Merchandise Your Store for the Holidays“, featured on, there are a few key tricks that can help any store go from dull to dazzling. First, Lesonsky suggests taking a look at your store from the perspective of passerby: “Does it catch your eye from the street of parking lot? If your store is inside a mall, how close do customers have to be before they notice your storefront?”.

If your store doesn’t pop when compared to its neighboring retailers, consider investing in some signage, banners or easel displays.


Next, it’s essential that you consider the window displays themselves. Whereas signage pulls shoppers in with the promise of an event or deal, window displays are pure eye candy. According to Lesonsky, “the goal is to get retailers to stop in their tracks.”

When deciding the theme for your window display make sure to take into account your brand, customer and location. Is your store more traditional? Try going for a winter wonderland theme. Do you market to a younger, trendier crowd? Try incorporating something kitschy or humorous into your window feature.

It’s important that whatever them is conveyed in the window is carried throughout the rest of the store.

“Once inside your store, customers should feel the same vibe they got from the window display whether that’s a carefully curated, museum-like display, just a few key pieces or a cornucopia of plenty with products overflowing from every shelf and table.”

To help guide shoppers through the merchandise itself Lesonsky suggests placing, “shelf labels or display signs that say things like “Great Gifts for Mom” or “For the Guy Who Has Everything”.


Lastly, remember that shopping is a full sensory experience. By playing inviting music and offering holiday refreshments (hot cider, cocoa, or cookies) you are providing the perfect environment to both shop and relax.

So, how are you decorating for the holidays? Any suggestions that we forgot to mention?





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