5 Reasons Why Black Friday Shoppers Prefer Brick and Mortar

While online shopping certainly ranks high when it comes to convenience, one element that e-commerce retailers struggle to provide is a complete shopping experience. With recent studies indicating that Black Friday shoppers prefer brick-and-mortar stores over online shopping options, it’s clear that during the Holiday season consumers place added value on the ability to immerse themselves while shopping.

In his recent article Isaac M. O’Bannon of CPA Practice Advisor dives into the study by WD Partners, Amazon Can’t Do That, and highlights what consumers are really look for when shopping. Evaluating the benefits of in-store shopping, O’Bannon notes that consumers place a premium on the following 5 key attributes:

  • Get it now. Next day delivery still isn’t as satisfying as get-it-now shopping, according to 79% of consumers who rank instant ownership as a top factor in influencing how they shop.
  • Look at the real product- and touch it.  Stores offer a sensory experience and immersion into the product that online retailers cannot, according to 75 percent of consumers.
  • Human connection.  There’s no match for the emotional experience of interacting with live human beings in a compelling store environment.
  • Community.  The store remains America’s equivalent of the town square, a time to shop with family and friends.
  • Personal service.  Store employees make a difference.  Consider Nordstrom, Apple or Whole Foods, three of the industry’s top-performing retailers.  They invest heavily in store employees – and shoppers love it.

As indicated by these features it’s obvious that consumers, particularly during the Holidays, truly appreciate a shopping experience that includes that extra something special.

So how do you plan on delighting your customers this holiday season? Tweet us your ideas!

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