How To Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season

As Halloween wraps up and Thanksgiving swiftly approaches, businesses are entering their best selling months out of the year. Retailers must now figure out the best strategy for capitalizing on this profit potential.

Looking at the below statistics, it’s clear that incorporating a holiday marketing campaign is essential to a successful Holiday season:

  • 20 to 40 percent of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers take place within the last two months of the year. (National Retail Federation)
  •  55 percent of consumers plan to visit stores on shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. (Accenture)

With such staggering statistics, what are the exact steps a small to mid-size retailer should take in order to ensure sucess? In his recent article, 5 Ways to Dazzle and Delight Your Customers This Holiday Season, Sujan Patel of details the 5 essestial moves to increase sales and gain lasting customers:

1. Give them an offer they can’t refuse. The Holiday season is the perfect time to launch a deal. Run the deal from the end of October through December 31st to help boost traffic and sales, as well as free up new inventory for the following year.

2. Show customers you care. A simple display of appreciation can go a long way as in terms of gaining brand loyalty. Try surprising your shoppers with an exclusive loyalty offer or throwing in something extra the next time they purchase from your store. Larger brands, such as Sephora, are doing this to much successs.

3. Give them a sneak peak. Create some excitement for next year’s lineup of products or services while also providing your shoppers some exclusivity by letting them in on your agenda. By reserving these announcements for your most loyal customers you create your own group of brand evangelists and ensure their loyalty for years to come.

4. Give them a reason to celebrate. The holidays are all about festivities. Hosting your own soiree is an excellent way to connect with your customers. And who doesn’t like champagne?!

5. Commit to a New Year’s Resolution. If you’ve been receiving requests or feedback from your customers now is the time to take those comments to heart. Launch updates and improvements during the holiday season and commit to continuing on this path throughout the New Year. This shows a committment to customer service that should be synonymous with the small brick-and-mortar retail experience.

What do you think of these suggestions? Are you planning on incorporating any of these tactics into your holiday marketing agenda?




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