From Clicks to Bricks: Amazon Partners with Westfield Mall Retail

There’s been a lot of buzz about Westfield Mall Retail’s recent partnership with Amazon. Just last week two Amazon stores, the first of their kind, opened at Westfield Galleria at Roseville and Westfield San Francisco Centre. These new locations, aimed at providing an immersive and educational experience for the customer, have also opened up a larger commentary on the trend of online to offline.

In a recent article on Marketing Daily, Mike Kercheval, president and CEO of the the International Council of Shopping Centers, dives into this major shift in retail and explained why it’s here to stay:

“It gives [online retailers] a chance to create multi-sensory experiences, offer better logistics and service offerings, and help build strong, lasting brand relationships. Althleta, BaubleBar, Bonobos and Boston Proper are all good examples.”

Where once having a physical space in addition to an online presence was considered a threat to the integrity of a business, now “…online and in-store experiences complement- rather than compete- with one another.”

This means added convenience for the consumer- with the ability to research a product or offering online and then test it out in person- as well as increased selling opportunities for the retailer. As Kercheval goes on to explain, “the omnichannel customer shops more frequently and spends 3.5 times more than other shopper types- and that, I believe, is the path that we will see retail continue to head down.”

Now that’s a movement we can get behind!


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