Specialty Retail With A Twist: Q & A With Wetzel’s Pretzels

An essential part of the American shopping experience, Wetzel’s Pretzels has become one of Westfield’s most valued and longest-standing partners. Recently we sat down with Martha Lares, Director of Store Planning and Construction for Wetzel’s Pretzels, to reflect on our years of partnership. Let’s see what she had to say:

Wetzel’s Pretzels has achieved iconic status in America’s shopping center landscape. How has Westfield been a part of this rise to fame?

The number one reason for our Iconic status is due to the great partnership that has been developed with the Westfield Leasing and Design team. I feel that we have accomplished this through a mutual understanding of each other’s needs. Westfield has an image that they want for their centers and we have a brand identity that we must ensure though our brand recognition and consistency. Our Westfield counterparts have come to understand our business needs and partner with us to find the right locations, and provide us the support needed to develop great looking retail stores within Westfield centers.

How would you describe Wetzel’s customer? Do you find that your customer profile is a good match for Westfield’s portfolio of centers?

The Wetzel’s Pretzels customer base consists of diverse and loyal shoppers. They are knowledgeable of our product. When they find us in the center they visit us regularly. A large segment of WP Real Estate portfolio is with Westfield Centers. I would suppose that we are a great fit for each other as we continue to develop new spaces with Westfield across the country in premium malls with great success.

How do you see Wetzel’s Pretzels growing over the next 5 to 10 years? Will Westfield be a part of this business plan?

I would hope so. I could not imagine Wetzel’s Pretzels growing without Westfield. We are a great fit for each other, why would we break up what works so well together?

Tell me a bit about Wetzel’s Pretzels design ethos. How does the design of your Westfield kiosk or inline store represent your brand?

Wetzel’s is a fun, fresh, irreverent brand that is not afraid of change to reach greatness. We strive to continuously deliver a consistent product with a fresh twist. Every store location is an opportunity for us to bring our fun synergy to a new landscape and new guests. We aim for every store to boast a fresh and consistent brand image. Westfield has challenged us to stretch our design boundaries to discover new things. Many times, we have accepted the challenges and have worked together to bring forth some great looking stores and kiosks that we are proud of. Our design successes at Westfield centers are always an indicator of future positive growth and development.

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