The New Resume: Q & A with Apploi

Apploi, with its interactive application, has completely revolutionized how job seekers connect with prospective employers. How did you come up with this unique concept?

It started when we were approached by a large retailer who asked if we could assist them in streamlining their hiring processes and reducing turnover. We were already active in the HR tech space and had a reputation for innovation and increasing efficiency, which is what led them to reach out.

As we looked into their practices – and after that into the practices of others across the retail and hospitality sectors – we found that both recruiters and jobseekers were very frustrated with existing hiring methods. They were sick of job boards and one-dimensional candidates, and such problems as resume-bombing, long lines, missing out on top talent, being unable to reach certain people, and the inability to see personality until people come in for an interview. We realized that a change was long overdue, so we created Apploi to solve all these challenges. Apploi is a mobile-first hiring community that enables candidates and companies to connect, and showcase what matters, in a quick and efficient manner.

Apploi kiosk

Your application is available to both employers and job seekers via an online app. Why is having a physical presence, in addition to your digital one, important to the success of your business?

We find there to be two main benefits of our physical kiosks. First, the kiosk captures the attention of jobseekers, enabling companies to capture talent who hadn’t previously thought about working for them, or were not aware of these job opportunities. It captures the attention of passive jobseekers, and often people who are already passionate about the brand as customers.

Secondly, it is also accessible via computers and mobile devices – making it available to tens of millions of people in the U.S. That’s an untapped talent pool for companies. For these reasons we have kiosks both in stores, as well as a network of public kiosks across the country, from in libraries to community and job centers, colleges, to shopping malls.


How would you describe the Apploi user? Do you find your user profile to be a good match with Westfield’s customer base?

The typical Apploi community member is someone willing to go the extra distance to demonstrate their commitment and passion to employers. With Apploi, jobseekers need to answer unique questions for each employer. There’s no spamming and jobseekers can really showcase their skills, personality and fit.

This approach has been a tremendous success with Westfield’s tenants as well as employers around the country. Being able to identify people with a passion for your brand, the skills you need, and the personality that fits is critical to every company, especially retail.

Apploi_logo_green (2)

How do you see Apploi growing over the next 5 years? Do you see Westfield being part of this journey?

In the last year we’ve seen more than 2,200 companies join Apploi. We are working with everyone from some of the world’s most cutting-edge and innovative brands right through to small businesses. We’ve also been recognized by the White House as an “American Innovator” for the transformative effect we have on hiring.

Westfield was one of our earliest partners – a testament to the vision of the leadership and their commitment to ensure that their tenants and shoppers receive the best support available. That commitment to innovation and excellence makes Westfield the ideal partner for us – and one we expect to be working with side-by-side for years to come.



You’re now in 16 Westfield centers. What led to your decision to expand across the portfolio? Has your experience working with Westfield been a positive one?

We started with Westfield on a few pilot locations, to see if the partnership made sense for both of us. We both quickly saw that Westfield tenants were extremely excited – and quickly started benefiting – from the Apploi solution, and that it has also enhanced the customer experience in the mall. With the benefits so apparent, it naturally made sense to expand further across the portfolio.

Westfield has an amazing (and deserved) reputation as a pioneer in the shopping mall experience space. Having worked now with Westfield for almost a year, we are constantly impressed with that commitment to always be improving the experience for both tenants and shoppers, and the creativity and passion of the Westfield team. Apploi’s outlook and solution fits perfectly with that ethos and vision – and it’s been truly an honor to work with such a respected and innovative brand.

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