Shop Towards the Light? Beacons & Holiday Shopping

According to projections from the recent article Beacons Lands on Retailers’ Holiday Wish Lists, featured on, holiday sales are expected to increase by over 5% this year- a significant improvement over the previous year’s 3.6% percent growth. With increased earnings on the horizon, retailers are quickly wrapping up their back-to-school promotions and turning their attention towards holiday. While online retailers are often considered the more technologically savvy, brick-and-mortar is quickly gaining momentum with hi-tech marketing strategies of their own.

Recent advancements now allow business owners to engage their shoppers via mobile, sometimes while they are still in the store. Commonly used as a means to promote to shoppers while they wait to check out, this mobile-based form of marketing, referred to as beacon technology, is predicted to really shine this holiday season.

“More than half of the top 100 retailers are actively working with beacon technology now—and they’re in different stages—but all of them are evaluating, testing, piloting, trying it out,” Rob Murphy, vice president of marketing at iBeacon provider Swirl, told eMarketer.

So far deployment  has been very small scale, yet with major retailers including Macy’s planning on employing these tactics during this upcoming holiday season this is sure to change. Would you consider using beacon in your own promotions? Do you predict this to be an effective means of increasing revenue?



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