Small Business, Big Return- How to Stay Competitive

With bigger retailers like Gap or Target spending millions of dollars each year on marketing campaigns aimed at getting consumers in the door (and back out having spent a considerable chunk of their paycheck), it can feel like an uphill battle for the small business owners of the world. Yet, while your marketing budget may indeed be tiny in comparison, there are proven steps you can take to generate some buzz about your business.

According to the recent article on, “Ways Your Small Business Can Compete Against Bigger Retailers“, there a few essential steps that every small business owner must add to their marketing agenda in order to stay competitive, including email campaigns, targeted promotions and better customer management through the use of CRM programs.

Much of this advice centers on the idea that consumers frequently opt for bigger chains or eCommerce sites, such as Amazon, due to increased savings. This means that, “if a small retailer is forced to reduce prices or offer other promotions like free shipping, they need to increase the average amount of sales per customer to stay in the black. To do so, smaller merchants are encouraged to offer personalized product recommendations, bundle related products, and find other upselling opportunities.”

By offering such options small retailers can make a big return while maintaining the level of customer care that is synonmous with a “boutique” shopping experience. What is on your marketing agenda for the rest of the year? Do you plan on incorporating any of these suggestions?




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